Vets Tips for Fanciers

- reviews -

It is a beautifully published book with excellent photos and very readable text. To be honest, I am very pleased with it and must congratulate you for all of your efforts in getting several veterinary authors to contribute to it (on time!). I do very much appreciate all of your many hours spent assembling and editing the text, plus your selection of so many practical and beautiful photos, to put it into this beautiful format. Your publisher must also be congratulated for turning the text you submitted to him into this beautiful work!... Thank you very much for the honour and the opportunity of contributing to it! - Gordon Chalmers, DVM, Canada -

I am impressed.... I received today the book you have edited with the writings of 5 vets, including myself. I had seen already the contents before, but I am really very pleased with the way you have edited and worked on the book. It looks very easy in use, and contains a lot of information, that can be very helpful and useful for all pigeon fanciers all around the world. It indicates also that we all together can learn a lot from each other, not only as fanciers, but also as vets!... I want to thank you that you invited me also for being a co-writer, I hope you enjoyed it. - Pascal Lanneau, DVM, Belgium -

I have just received your new book today and I am most impressed. The content is excellent, it is well designed and printed...
Congratulations to you and your colleagues for a fine production.
I am sure it will be well received and fill a gap in the pigeon health market. - Robert Batty, Editor Feathered World -

I received your book this morning. You have done a wonderful job
of it indeed. I'm sure it will be a very successful book. - Jeff Howell, Australia -

I got the book. Thanks. Again it looks real good. Everything is a bit better than the previous book. Now it is especially the lay out that is real attractive. Congratulations. - Ad Schaerlaeckens, Holland -

What a great book you wrote! Congratulations. It is a masterpiece. Not more and not less - a masterpiece. This new book is scientific but totally easy to understand, with wonderful photos - I am fascinated. - Gabriella Halas, Canada -

A beautiful book, a superb guide to health, diagnosis and treatment of pigeons. An absolute must for every fancier… Get your copy with the least possible delay to recognize, prevent and treat all your birds’ ailments… A New Pigeon Encyclopedia. - Peter Simon, New Zealand -

My sincerest congratulations, Dr. Talaber. I cannot praise it enough… A book that every fancier should have. This is one of the few book that I can strongly advise everybody to read. It will make him a better fancier. - Stephan Taylor, UK -