Pigeons and their Economical Health Care

- reviews -

Having just completed reading Dr. Talaber's excellent book, I am most impressed. So much of what is published regarding pigeons is not scientific, based on personal experience only, or quite simply inaccurate. Not so here. Here we have a wealth of accurate, modern advice and information, presented in an easy-to-read format. - Dr. Colin Walker, Australia, avian veterinarian and pigeon racer -

This book is a real refreshment. When you start reading it is hard to stop. To me it looks like a kind of handbook that every fancier should have… Personally I have hundreds of pigeon books in several languages. This is one of the few that I can strongly advise everybody to read. It will make you a better racer. Once you will have the book you only have one problem: when you lend it out you never see it back any more… - Ad Schaerlaeckens, Holland, author of the Janssen book -

There are many useful tips, ideas and suggestions in this work. For example, the author has provided a very good list of products that are retained in the intestine, that is, they are not absorbed into the blood stream… Overall, I find this book to be very useful. - Dr. Gordon Chalmers, Canada, world-renowned pigeon racer, veterinarian -

The contents of your book are very refreshing, as it deals with new ideas with regard to old diseases and subjects hardly mentioned in pigeon books up till now… I can really recommend this book to any fancier interested in the economical health care of their birds. - Steven van Breemen, Holland, Winning Magazine -

The book itself is written in plain English and is not too technical, which has been a problem with many books about health over the years. The explanations are for the everyday working fancier, such as myself, who wants to sit and read something you can understand and not have to go rushing to the dictionary to find out what it means… - Les J. Parkinson, England, British Homing World Magazine -

As for every businessman, my free time is very limited. I have read the book late at night. It helped me to immediately recognize problems that other breeders can only do with decades of experience. - Attila Ungyi, Hungary, Pigeon Fancier Magazine -

I have read the book three times now. First I just flicked through it, then read it more thoroughly, and now for a third time, thinking through each topic in detail, so I can remember everything... In a systematic fashion, it includes everything fanciers should know and observe, and what they should develop into a system for the treatment of their own pigeons. - Leslie Pinter, Hungary, leading member of the Marathon Club -

Plenty of things are very useful in practice, e.g. the use of immune boosters and other products is very well and clearly described in your book. The author succeeded in writing about very important and difficult matters in a way that is very comprehensible for everyone. I would recommend this book to all those who are involved in pigeon sport. - Dr. Pascal Lanneau, Belgium, avian veterinarian -