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   probiotics every day?

You say to give probotics 1 - 2 a week, but Star labs my supplier of Primalac says to give it every day, which dosage is correct?
Like anything else, probiotics can be overused. There are some specific problems with daily usage of probiotics.
One: the use of probiotics (and vitamins) has a negative effect over time. This means that when the dosage begins the effect of the product is great, but this effect will decrease more and more as the days go by. Thus they suggest to stop each usage at some point for some days. And, sometimes, to change the type of probiotic.
Two: daily usage of probiotics causes a certain sterility that makes the immune system lazy. This is dangerous because the really large part of immune system is in the intestinal system. A wild strain of bacteria or coccidia is capable of breaking through the protection of the immune system since that has become lazy.
Last but not least: daily usage is expensive.
After antibiotic treatment or under stress you can give probiotics every day for a week or so. In my opinion, without seasons 1 - 2 day / week is enough.
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