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   selenium and doxycycline

Our soils here are low in selenium so I got some sodium selenite from my local vet. The strength is elemental selenium 1mg per 1ml. My vet worked out a maintenance dose of 1ml per 1 litre of water, once per week. Can you confirm that this dose is Ok for ongoing use?
I use doxycycline HCl and have measured the pH at 2.5 when ready to drink. Should I still add apple vinegar to this? Its seems very acidic already.
About selenium: 1 mg elemental selenium per 1 litre of drinking water (once per week) is a little high, I suggest only 0.5 mg for 1 litre water. And you should give vitamin-E with selenium, once a week, its dose is 50 mg per litre water.
The doxycycline HCl is acidic enough, you are quite right, so you should not give plus vinegar at all, of course.
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