Pigeon health


May I give zeolite to my pigeons? What is it exactly? What effect does it have on the pigeons?
Zeolite is a mineral of volcanic origin, based on aluminium hydroxy silicate. Its cross-linked crystal structure can hold large quantities of water, which is released by heat, and the material takes on a microporous structure. The spatial structure develops according to the temperature and duration of the heating, and this can be used to make expedient use of the adsorbent characteristic of zeolite. So it becomes suitable for the selective adsorption of harmful substances: gases, liquids, even parasitic eggs, pathogenic microbes and their poisonous metabolic products.
Given internally, similarly to medical carbon, its effect is to decrease diarrhoea by adsorbing harmful substances. We can add it to feed in a pigeons on trays. We can mix zeolite into drinking water if it is of suitable form (fine powder); this enriches the water with trace elements and stops pathogens from proliferating in it.
Zeolite is very rich in trace and micro elements. When it enters the pigeon’s system, zeolite deposits these elements, thus helping the metabolism and especially the operation of the immune system. Zeolite is an entirely natural substance, and we do not have to prepare for side-effects. We only have to ensure that we do not administer it together with other drugs, as it can also adsorb and block their active ingredients.
Scattered on the floor, zeolite decreases the noxious gas (first of all the very dangerous ammonia) concentration of the air in the loft, and its humidity. If we sense ammonia in the air, we should clean the loft more regularly, because the gas reaches the air from the droppings that accumulate on the floor. While it is no substitute for cleaning, afterwards it is very effective to scatter zeolite on the floor. In the process of removing the used zeolite we also remove huge amounts of pathogens, bacteria, viruses and eggs of parasites.
Coccidia and eggs of some worms need a damp environment to become infective once in the outside world. This means that regular cleaning of the loft is important, something we should pay even greater attention to in damp, humid weather. If the floor of the loft is damp and dries with difficulty, we should scatter an adsorbent material like zeolite on it.
For all these reasons, it would be worth making greater and more widespread use of zeolite than we see in pigeon-keeping today, since the more natural the substances and methods you can successfully implement, the more healthy and beautiful a flock you will have in the long run. The beneficial effect on your wallet will be felt even more quickly.

If you have accidentally overdosed a drug, give adsorbent substances at once, i.e. medical carbon or zeolite, and a laxative, e.g. Epsom salt.
If you put zeolite into the water, it will form a fine coat on the surface of the drinker. It stops the proliferation of salmonellas in the drinking water.
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