Pigeon health

   paramyxovirus vaccine

Why is our recommended dosage of PMV vaccine so high? Why does the dosage given to a pigeon far outweigh the dosage given to turkeys?
The killed or weakened virus of vaccine is not capable of propagation in any great quantity, or of causing illness in the body of pigeon, but does carry valuable information about itself. This information is processed and stored by the body, then used in the event of a real infection: with its help, it will defend itself more quickly and more effectively than a body than has not been vaccinated. It is this increased speed and effectiveness which decides whether the body defeats the illness or only develops it slightly, or whether it fails to survive it.
In case of vaccines, the effect is not directly proportional to the amount of the vaccine administered. A certain threshold amount is needed to induce the expected immune protection, but this threshold is not directly associated with body weight. For example, we give the same dosage to a little one and a half kilogram chi-hua-hua dog as that given to a huge ninety kilogram mastiff. We give the same quantity to a youngster as to an adult pigeon, or as a turkey, as well.
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