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I have a fairly "young" hen, a 2001 bred hen that has been bred for only 2 years.
These two years were her yearling and 2yr old years. In the last couple of years, after she has coupled with new matings, she sits in the nest but doesn't lay! She has been doing this "act" for the past 2 years with no eggs laid. In between years, she has not been used for breeding. What could you suggest is the problem? If it's medical, what could be causing her not to lay and what medications should use? Sorry, but we do not have the privilege of having a vet close by that specializes in pigeons.
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It may be lack of selenium and/or paratyphoid infection.
The selenium deficiency is relatively common in pigeon-breeding since in many countries the earth is not usually rich in selenium, and so plants grown in it only contain this element in minimal quantities. The role selenium plays in reproduction is very important – if we do not ensure its regular intake, especially in the winter and the spring, reproductive disorders can develop.
Selenium is easily and quickly absorbed from the gut, and so administering it orally is an entirely suitable method. We give selenium together with vitamin E. Its regular intake is necessary, but this does not mean that it should be administered on a continuous basis, as selenium is easy to overdose! So supplements of selenium should only continuously be administered for a week at most, after which we should have a one or two week break. This is the treatment to be used if the lack of selenium is already established. One supplement of selenium per week is adequate as a preventive measure, but it is advisable to continue this regularly, throughout the year.

In addition, you would try a treatment against paratyphoid. For example, amoxicillin twice a day, two weeks long. Repeat the treatment against paratyphoid with Baytril in a month.

If these treatments are not successful, probably a hormonal dysfunction is in the background. In this case, you can not reckon on improvement.
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