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Dr. Zsolt Talabér, author of some excellent pigeon specialist books, was born in 1959 in Budapest, Hungary, here pigeon sport and breeding have century-long tradition.
He graduated as a veterinary surgeon in 1983. He operates a veterinary clinic and a pharmacy.
Dr. Talabér published his first pigeon specialist book in 2003 in Hungarian. This book, “Pigeon and their Economical Health Care” was published in 2004 in English, has quickly conquered the world: it has become a bestseller in fifty countries on four continents so far.
Dr. Zsolt Talabér specialised in pharmacology, too. One of the greatest advantage of his books is particular emphasis it places on the strategic use of the increasingly comprehensive range of pigeon health care products, as opposed to often contradictory methods of application that have unpredictable results. This is another respect in which his books are pioneers in modern, 21th century pigeon health care.
Talabér's books include everything fanciers should know and observe. These books help you immediately recognize problems that other breeders only spot with decades of experience. People who have it can surely take advantage of it and will be a step ahead of those who do not.